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Search Engine Optimization

iClimber’s premium Search Engine Optimization Service includes natural and highly tested content optimization techniques, the development of new keyword-based content, the editing of existing site content, and customized link building. iClimber can also provide CPC campaign development and maintenance and/or enhanced link development through our Press Release Service.

Unlike many other firms, we provide our services based on a fixed monthly rate and provide a fixed number of deliverable hours per project on a monthly basis.

iClimber’s Natural Search Engine Optimization Service includes each of the following components:

Keyword Research:

We work with you to develop an initial list of keywords which will help lay the foundations of your site’s initial and future success. Further keyword research and development is conducted to help build on the strengths of your site and find new possibilities that mirror changing search trends.

Website Content Writing:

Our professional copywriters will rewrite your website content based on your keywords and consult with you to create the best and most attractive copy. See more details here!

Website Content Optimization:

Supplementing the Content Writing Service, the content optimization component is designed to help take full advantage of keyword-rich text. The text is used to develop an internal link structure that maximizes the benefits of the keyword-rich text.

Dynamic Site Optimization:

This portion of the overall process becomes necessary for fully dynamic websites that employ variable-based URL structures to retrieve information from the database. By providing an overall formatting scheme, iClimber will help make the most of each and every dynamically generated page on the client’s site.

Site Maps Creation and Submission:

We will create a customized sitemap that will improve the crawlability of your site. Along with the on-site sitemap, iClimber will create XML-based sitemaps for direct submission to Google and Yahoo!.

Free Directory Submissions:

As part of the Link Building Service, our free directory submissions will be used to target highly competitive keywords. All of the free directories have been researched and picked for their search-engine-friendly features and the current and future benefits that they can provide.

Premium Directory Submissions:

As with directory submissions, the premium directories are picked from among the best and most highly regarded directories that can provide strong links as well as positive exposure for your business or organization.

Link Building Services:

Link building will consist of one-way links, directory links, and reciprocal links from related websites. We also offer sponsorship text link advertising opportunities that will help provide more comprehensive link building. See more details here!

Reporting & Performance Tracking:

Measurable, long-term results will be achieved when you entrust your site to iClimber. Before iClimber begins the optimization process, it runs a ranking report to determine where the client website initially ranks with the various search engines. Analysis of the client’s leading competitors is also provided, which includes their keyword rankings, site structure and link network strength. iClimber will then send a monthly report detailing the progress of your website position and keyword rank, as well as ongoing competitor analysis. iClimber also offers various tools that can monitor traffic results and provide trend analysis for judging the overall performance of an SEO campaign. These measuring techniques ensure that iClimber’s ultimate focus is on maximizing your return on investment.