Social Media Contest Marketing

social media contests
Social media contests are a great way to increase your natural social media likes and followers. In fact, it is probably one of the best ways we have seen based on our past experience.

We offer a social media platform that allows offering a prize for participation in social media activities. The more your visitors participate the more chances they get to win. For example,¬† participants can get 1 entry point for each of the following: Facebook like, Facebook share of your post, Twitter Like, Twitter share, and so on…you can add several of the major social media platforms and then can also provide higher entry points if they watch a video on youtube, or join your mailing list or if they invite one of their friends to participate in the contest. You can even provide daily entry points for daily shares on FB and Twitter.

The fact that many of your participants will start sharing your posts, would make the campaign go viral and result in many more people seeing your giveaway and eventually becoming a fan of your brand in at least one social media platform.

Although these are not a direct customers right away, eventually these new fans may buy from you when they keep seeing your future social media updates.

Our platform will even let you to randomly pick a winner and announce it on the platform public contest page, so your participants would know it is legit.

Please contact us to get more details and pricing.