Facebook Advertising

facebook advertising headerFacebook being the number one social media site is one of the largest advertising avenues today. Facebook is still not tapped to its full and ads on Facebook usually convert much better than Google Ads, meaning for the same amount of money you spent in Facebook vs Google, you would get much more traffic and conversions. We have seen this happen first hand with several of our clients.

The reason Facebook is great advertising avenue is because of its vast amount of demographic targeting possibilities.  For example, you can target ads by, age, location, sex, interests, job titles, education, salary, buying habits, Facebook page likes and more.  If you have never tried Facebook advertising before, at minimum you should run a test and measure your conversion.

Facebook advertising is pretty simple to setup by anyone, but we highly recommend that you let a professional like us handle it, because a beginner can easily make many mistakes that will result in ad failure.  In addition, conversion tracking is essential and unless you have the expertise to place tracking code on your website, then we do not recommend that you do this on your own.  Conversion tracing will allow you to see which ad groups convert best, so you can adjust your campaign to be successful.

Our company also uses 3rd party ad management tools that make it easier to setup tens or hundreds of ad groups within minutes. having multiple ad groups is recommend to test what would convert best. For example, you can target males and females separately or you can setup different age groups, such as an age group or every 5 years or you can target each state or several different cities separately. As you see having so many different choices may result in tens or hundreds of different ad groups and setting up with the Facebook interface would take tens of hours. However, using 3rd party tools you can do the same in less than an hour. These tools cost money to purchase and would require additional time to learn. However, when you hire a Facebook Advertising company like us, you would let the professional handle it for you.

We are experts at Facebook advertising and can make your campaigns a success.

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