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Blog & Forum Posting

Blog Posting Details:

Timely, energetic, and memorable content is what brings attention to a blog and turns one-time visitors into loyal readers. iClimber’s writing staff excels at producing thoughtful and unique blog posts that will inform and entertain readers and attract potential customers to your company’s blog and/or website. Whether you need 10, 20, 50, or even more blog posts every month, iClimber can create content that is well written and specifically tailored to the needs of your company and its clientele. For companies that do not already have a blog, iClimber can also provide blog design and promotion services, including custom blog design and WordPress installation.

Forum Posting Details:

If you are starting a forum from scratch, it may be tough to generate interest unless you have a few active members posting interesting subjects. If you already have a forum, you may still face the same problem or may need some active writers for your forum. iClimber’s professional writing staff can join your forum under several different account names and post messages periodically to get your forum going. iClimber also offers forum maintenance such as spam removal.