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Link Building Services

Link building is one of the most important components of site optimization. All search engines use incoming links as a means of determining a siteís relevance and popularity. Even though no one should rely solely on links to achieve better rankings, it is important to realize that without enough high-quality links it will be difficult if not impossible to compete in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

iClimber provides a comprehensive link building program that takes advantage of every viable linking avenue to help establish a strong link presence for clients. As part of our Link Building Service, our clients enjoy better link popularity from the following programs:

One-Way Link Building:

To develop high-quality one-way links, we will research relevant websites and approach the site owner or operator to request a link(s) on their site to yours. These requests will be facilitated using different techniques which will increase the chances of a positive response. These links will not only positively impact the rankings of your site, but will also increase its relevant traffic.

We do not engage in any direct link exchanges that require you to host a link exchange page on your site. If the sites that we approach for one-way linking require a reciprocal link, we can offer to host their links on sites that we operate. iClimber owns and operates several Internet directories in various industries, so we can always place link partners on these websites in addition to providing free links to our clients.

We always recommend that you do link exchanges only with your most valued vendors and partners. Link exchange pages with hundreds of links could bring the quality of your website down and are usually not given any value by search engines.

Directory Submissions:

iClimberís directory submission services are divided into two categories: free directories and paid inclusion directories. We have researched hundreds of free directories that provide search-engine-friendly links. These directories do not use link redirections or tracking links, which do not have an impact on rankings. Instead they use standard HTML links that help the search engines recognize the link and credit your site for it. Each of our clients enjoys the benefits of manual submissions to every directory that we have researched. These free directory submissions are designed to supplement the paid directories.

The paid directories, like the free ones, are well researched and offer search-engine-friendly links. They are different from the free directories in that they have high PageRank and are valued for their high-quality links.

Text Link Advertising:

Text Link Advertising (aka Link Buys) is a very effective way of gaining many quality links quickly. As part of our service, we will allocate a budget for Text Link Advertising. iClimber will do exhaustive research to find relevant sites with high PageRank that have advertising space available. Once these sites are located, we will work on striking the best deal possible for the placement of your advertisement on a high-visibility page. The results of our research will be submitted for your review. Once we have your approval, the links will be purchased and monitored to make sure they are consistently active.